About Us

East Sussex Saab is run by its members, for its members. The branch consists of 3 Committee members. A Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

Secretary - Toby Field
Treasurer - Richard Dickins

Where are we?

East Sussex is one of the most beautiful places in Britain. Many famous towns and cities are encompassed within its boundary.

The famous City of Brighton and Hove, The legendary seaside town Eastbourne, Bexhill-on-Sea the Birthplace of British Motor Racing, the historic town of Battle - landmark site of the Battle of Hastings, Camber - the only sand dune beach in the South East.

These are but a few of the infamous places that make up the glorious region which is East Sussex.

Map of East Sussex

If you are a member of the SAAB Owners Club and are visiting our neck of the woods, why not drop in on one of our meetings.

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